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Men Of Integrity, In Faith Ministries
Men Of Integrity

The mission of the Men of Integrity is to help men become mature Christians by empowering them through fellowship, support, and the Word of God.

Inspired Praise Dance, In Faith Ministries
Inspired Praise Dance

The Mission of the Sound of Judah praise and worship ministry is to lead God’s people into His manifested presence by selecting and singing divers songs of adoration and Thanksgiving

Women Of Purpose, In Faith Ministries
Women Of Purpose

We exist to equip and develop women to become who God created them to be and teach them how to live out their authentic purpose for God.

Ignite Youth Movement, In Faith Ministries
Ignite Youth Movement

We exist to Ignite the fire God has placed inside each of His children.  From birth to teen years, we take the privilege and responsibility very seriously to train up the next generation of warriors for Christ and His Kingdom

Nursing Home Ministry, In Faith Ministries
Nursing Home Ministry

To enter into the doors of the nursing home with the goal of encouraging & inspiring through praise, worship, and the power of the Word of God.  

Letting them know they are not forgotten.

Prayer Connection, In Faith Ministries
Prayer Connection

Prayer Connection Ministry is a team of Prayer Warriors just waiting to pray for you!  If, you have a prayer request or burdens on your heart, for yourself or others in your life and need someone to pray specifically, our prayer chain can help you! If you’re interested in being a part of this Ministry please contact either Pastor Kim or Sis. Shana for more information. 

This Generation Teen Ministry, In Faith Ministries
This Generation Teen Ministry

Our Mission is to train up teens with the Word of God and empower them to walk out their Destiny in the Lord.

Sound Of Judah Praise Team, In Faith Ministries
Sound Of Judah Praise Team

The Mission of the Sound of Judah praise and worship ministry is to lead God’s people into His manifested presence by selecting and singing divers songs of adoration and Thanksgiving

Hospitality Ministry, In Faith Ministries
Hospitality Ministry

Our mission is to reach out, with love and compassion in times of celebration, grief or illness, as well as to those who have been absent from fellowship with the ministry of cards & phone calls

Our Mission is to assist the candidates for preparation of Baptism

Mission for Communion Team is to prayerfully serve the people of God the Lords Supper

Baptism and Communion Team, In Faith Ministries
Baptism + Communion Team
Building Maintenance, In Faith Ministries
Building Maintenance

Our mission is to maintain the up keep of the house of God.  To ensure that the housekeeping, lawn maintenance, and all other general maintenance issues at our church are handle with care.

Carrying Hands Food Pantry, In Faith Ministries
Carrying Hands Food Pantry

The Carrying Hands food pantry is a grassroots ministry dedicated to providing food to those who are less fortunate in the community and surrounding Lima area as well as providing soul food through the Word of God.

Our Smile Full of Love, Our Hugs Full of Grace, Our Thank You filled with the Spirit

Church Greeters, In Faith Ministries
Media and Sound Booth Team, In Faith Ministries
Media + Sound Booth

Media ministry seeks to enhance the entire worship experience through audio/video and lighting.  

We seek to provide technical resources that enable the people of God to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with Him.

Parking Lot Attendants, In Faith Ministries
Parking Lot

Providing members and visitors of In Faith Ministries International safe and structural areas so that the flow of vehicles and pedestrian traffic will not put anyone in harm’s way.

Pastors Appreciation

To empower our Pastors through prayer and support.  Find ways to express genuine gratitude, love and appreciation to our Pastors throughout the year.

Pastor Appreciation, In Faith Ministries
rhbc-270-called-to-be-a-witness-1-638 (1
Be A Witness (BAW)

We are canvassing the neighbors seeking after the lost, broken hearted to introduce them to the Amazing Love of GOD. In the winter months we are at the soup kitchen witnessing to the homeless. This ministry blesses all those who don't know Christ but the Believers as well.

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