The CHURCH isn't a BUILDING, it is PEOPLE. 


Our desire at In Faith Ministries is to evolve into a unique ONLINE community of believers who have one thing in common... 

The Internet


This includes, but certainly not limited to:

  • People who are sick and confound to bed

  • Those who are simply out of town on vacation and looking to remain connected

  • Our college students who are in their dorm rooms away from home, but would still like to have the experience of being connected to a church

  • Others that may just love our church, but live too far away to attend our local campus here in Lima, Ohio


We simply want to reach everyone around the world, allowing them to experience and encounter a POWERFUL movement of God right where they are. 


Currently, we are connecting on our Facebook page located at:  https://www.facebook.com/InFaithMinistries

EVERY WEEK: Thursdays at 6:30pm EST and Sundays at 11am EST

Soon, we will be going LIVE on our very own platform!! We ask that you please take a moment to fill out the brief form below to become a covenant I-PARTNER @ In Faith Ministries, in doing so you will receive notifications for all services, events, and conferences dates and times. Once you've submit the form you will become apart of The IFM Family!          We look forward to connecting with you once this information is received.

We'll talk you soon!!

I-Partner Form

We are a progressive, Christ–centered, culturally diverse Church committed to training disciples for the Kingdom of God. Our God inspired mission is to tell the world how to walk by faith in the covenant promises of God’s WORD through Christ Jesus...


In Faith Ministries 

1575 E. High Street 

Lima, OH  45804 

Phone: (419) 225 8871 

Email:  infaithministriesintl@gmail.com

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